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Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars

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Traphagen: JACKSON

(Item ID: JACKSON    Serial#: JACKSON)

Dake Traphagen JACKSON Double Top Classical with French Polished Brazilian Rosewood and Red Cedar

We have known Dake Traphagen for more than thirty years and have sold many of his guitars both new and used during this time. We have always been impressed by the power, definition, and clarity that he consistently is able to achieve in the voice of his instruments. These very desirable characteristics are the hallmark of his excellent craftsmanship, and performers will immediately appreciate and enjoy the responsiveness that these traits provide. Just as the raw horsepower and superior handling of a fine sports car will thrill a talented driver and enable one to test the limits of their skill, likewise, the innate musical potential of his guitars not only elevate a player's heart rate, but also allow the character and refinement of one's musicality to flourish. This superb instrument is another fine example of Dake's skill as a guitar maker, and it is the first of his that we have had that features "double top" construction.

As some know, many of today's leading classical guitarists play "double top" guitars because guitars made with this rather radical top design can produce a sound that is especially powerful, immediate, and firm. Comprised of thin veneers of spruce and/or cedar mounted to a Nomex carbon fiber core forming a uniform sandwich structure, a lightweight "double top" can bend and flex readily in more directions than a conventional solid top. Therefore, internal friction and damping of vibrational energy are minimized because the top's deflection aspects are not constrained by the strength lines of the wood's longitudinal grain. Thus, a "double top" can radiate sound more efficiently and thereby enhance a guitar's voice.

In Dake's hands, the "double top" design has energized this guitar's sound with an additional invigorating verve that lends a pleasing buoyancy to its voice - the sound just springs out of the guitar. Adding this characteristic to the other fine traits that mark the excellent voice of this Traphagen guitar serves to augment the musical potential of this instrument by providing a compelling presence of sound that enlivens and animates one's music making.

This 2011 Traphagen, "Jackson" (Dake names his guitars rather than numbers them), is in excellent condition with some minor playing and handling wear. For example, a trace of playing wear near the sound hole, and some finish wear on the back where the players body made contact with the guitar.


* Back and Sides - Brazilian Rosewood
* Top - Composite Cedar/Nomex Double Top
* Fingerboard - Ebony
* Scale - 650mm
* Tuning Machines - Deluxe Graf

This guitar includes a deluxe double arch hardshell case. (used)

Our Price: $8000.00