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Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars

Frequently Asked Questions

(and their answers!)

How do I care for my guitar?

Whether you've just spent $100 or $1,500 on a new guitar - now you need to know how to protect your baby! Here are some basic facts we'd like to share.

Environment - Guitars constructed of wood are like sponges - ie. they give up and take on moisture. It is important that they not give up too much moisture too fast:

Bad guitar environment #1: The very hot place - the trunk of your car (even on a mild day) or your attic. Overheating causes a guitar to give up moisture very quickly. In addition, the heat can soften glues, cause bridges to pull up. The solution: never leave your guitar in a place where YOU would be uncomfortable.

Bad guitar environment #2: The very dry place. Be aware that when it gets cold outside, especially in the fall when it may be warm one day and freezing the next, we tend to turn up the heat. The subsequent rapid drying of the air can be bad for your guitar. It may give up so much of it's moisture so quickly that serious cracks can form. The top will shrink and the action will fall, resulting in fret buzzes. If your skin feels scratchy and dry, most likely your guitar is suffering, too. The solution: Humidify the room and put your guitar in its case with its very own humidifier, such as a Dampit.

String Tension - Keep the tension on the guitar neck as consistent as possible. Make sure that your new steel-string guitar has an appropriate amount of reverse tension on the adjustable truss rod to balance the string tension. If the guitar becomes difficult to play or develops buzzing, have an expert check the action and make the appropriate adjustments. At Maple Street Guitars, every guitar we sell is adjusted and checked for this. Additionally, we can custom-set the action for the string gauge you prefer. Plus, if you need any tweaking of the action, we will readjust it for one year from the date of purchase - all at no charge to you! One more very important reason to purchase your guitar from us.

Wood Care - Clean all lacquered wood with a damp cloth, or with a commercial guitar polish, containing a small amount of wax. Unlacquered parts - such as the fingerboard and some bridges - may be rubbed with lemon oil to combat dryness and bring out the natural color of the wood. (Use a product formulated for use on guitars - not furniture polish!) To remove grime on the fingerboard, we usually give fingerboards a cleaning with lemon oil followed by a buffing with extra-fine steel wool.