Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
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Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars


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Alhambra 10P SPRUCE C. 2006 10P With Spruce Top (used) Photos available 1500.00
Alhambra USED 10FC 2018 Flamenco with Solid German Spruce and Cypress (used) Photos available 2100.00
Blackstar HT408 Blackstar HT408 4x8 Cabinet (used) Photos available 225.00
Boss USED RC-30 Used RC-30 (used) Photos available 250.00
Bourgeois JOMC SITKA JOMC Sitka Top, Rosewood Back & Sides (used) Photos available 4000.00
Bourgeois SJ CUSTOM NAMM NAMM Show Mahogany SJ with Adirondack Top (used) Photos available 5800.00
Carr SPORTSMAN 1-12 2019 Sportsman 1x12 Amp in Creme With Cover (used) Photos available 1950.00
Carr USED SKYLARK Skylark 1-12 in Faun and Brown Gator Covering (used) Photos available 2200.00
Cedar Creek CVR 05 Used Cedar Creek Grand Concertcase Cover (used) 125.00
Cervantes USED RODRIGUEZ 2012 Rodriguez Concert (used) Photos available 2000.00
Collings 01MH 14-FRET 2018 01 14-fret All Mahogany and Collings Case (used) Photos available 4900.00
Collings C10 DLX CTWY 2014 C10 Deluxe Cutaway With Rosewood Binding (used) Photos available 6250.00
Collings USED CL DELUXE 2019 City Limits Deluxe - Lemonburst (used) Photos available 6250.00
Collings USED I-35LCDLX 2020 I-35LC Deluxe Aged Pelham Blue Finish (used) Photos available 7400.00
Cordoba USED GK STUDIO Used GK Studio with Gig Bag (used) Photos available 525.00
Cordoba USED GK PRO N Classical Cutaway with Fishman Presys Blend Pickup (used) Photos available 1500.00
Dobro 60D SQUARENECK 1982 Dobro 60D Square Neck with Pickup (used) Photos available 1100.00
Dr. Z CONVERT 2X10 Convertible 2x10 Cabinet (used) Photos available 525.00
Dr. Z MINI Z Mini Z 1x8 5-watt Combo (used) Photos available 750.00
Eastman USED MD505-CS A-Style F-Hole Mandolin with Classic Finish (used) Photos available 600.00
Eastman USED DM1 All Solid Gypsy Jazz Guitar (used) Photos available 995.00
Eastman USED AR803CE 2007 AR803CE in Natural with Dual Humbuckers (used) Photos available 1700.00
Fender CLSG CASE Limited Edition Series Strat/Tele Case (used) 175.00
Fender CV TELE CUSTOM 2019 Squier Classic Vibe Tele Custom (used) Photos available 400.00
Fender CONTEMP STRAT C.1985 Comtemporary Strat (used) Photos available 550.00
Fender SUPER-SONIC 60 C.2007 Super-sonic 60 1x12 (used) Photos available 775.00
Fender 57 CUSTOMCHAMP Used Custom Shop 57 Champ (used) Photos available 850.00
Fender MUSTANG SPEC Pawn Shop Mustang Special (used) Photos available 875.00
Fender 1968 SUPER REV 1968 Super Reverb With Mixed Speaker Set (used) Photos available 1400.00
Fender AMER VINT TELE American Vintage '64 Tele Blonde (used) Photos available 1750.00
Fender 1965 SUPER REV 1965 Super Reverb With Mixed Speakers (used) Photos available 2200.00
Fender 1968 PRINCETON 1968 Princeton Reverb "Drip Edge" (used) Photos available 3250.00
Fender JAZZ BASS 1973 Jazz Bass With Blonde Finish, Maple Fingerboard (used) Photos available 4500.00
Fishman LOUDBOX MINI Used Fishman Mini (used) Photos available 150.00
G&l ASAT CLASS LH 2016 ASAT Classic Left-Handed Original Leo Specs (used) Photos available 1400.00
Gator GATOR DREAD Used Molded Gator Dread Case (used) Photos available 120.00
Gibson CM 2015 CM With Gig Bag (used) Photos available 750.00
Gibson A-50 1959 A-50 (used) 1600.00
Gibson ES-135 2001 ES-135 Ebony Finish P-100 Pickups (used) Photos available 1700.00
Gibson ES-120T 1965 ES-120T Archtop (used) Photos available 2200.00
Gibson SG CUSTOM M2M 2019 Custom Shop SG Custom M2M Heavy Relic (used) Photos available 5250.00
Gibson ES-5 BLONDE 1998 Reissue "Switchmaster" Hollowbody in Blonde (used) Photos available 6250.00
Godin USED VBGSE BAG Solid Body Guitar Gig Bag Used (used) 50.00
Goodall, James RCJ 2003 Rosewood Concert Jumbo With Port Orford Cypress Top (used) Photos available 4800.00
Goodsell SEVENTEEN CUST 2015 Super Seventeen Custom (used) Photos available 1300.00
Gretsch G2215-P90 2021 G2215-P90 Streamliner Jet (used) Photos available 325.00
Gretsch G6131TDS 2008 Jet Firebird Reissue (used) Photos available 2000.00
Ibanez GB10-BS 1986 George Benson Model (used) Photos available 2500.00
Kartakou WARMER Warmer Overdrive Boost (used) Photos available 90.00
Ledford W. RAY LEDFORD 1981 Classical with Rosewood and Cedar (used) Photos available 1200.00
Martin USED 12C630 000/OM Archtop Hardshell Case (used) Photos available 125.00
Martin GEIB DREAD Used Martin Dreadnought Case (used) Photos available 195.00
Martin USED 12C534 Geib Style Archtop Hardshell Case for 00-14 Fret (used) Photos available 225.00
Martin S-0 S-0 Soprano Ukulele C. 1955 - All Mahogany (used) Photos available 625.00
Martin 00-18C Classical with Mahogany and Spruce (used) 1495.00
Martin D-45 CUSTOM Custom Shop D-45 with Madagascar and Adirondack (used) Photos available 10800.00
Memphis MEMPHIS STRAT C. 1980s Memphis Strat (used) Photos available 300.00
Mesa-boogie EXPRESS 5:50 50 With Cover And Casters (used) Photos available 1100.00
Michael Kelly HYBRID SPECIAL Hybrid Special Sunburst (used) Photos available 675.00
Msg CLASS FT CASE Used Classical Flat Top Case (used) 85.00
Msg FT DREAD CASE Fender Flat Top Hardshell Case (used) 129.99
National RESOROCKET WB 2014 Resorocket Wood Body (used) Photos available 2800.00
National DUOLIAN 14-FRT 1938 Duolian 14-fret, Piano Finish, Black Pickguard (used) Photos available 3400.00
New World USED ESTUDIO Estudio Series Classical with Spruce and Rosewood (used) Photos available 675.00
Pardo, A. Raya PARDO SPRUCE Classical with European Spruce And Rosewood (used) Photos available 4500.00
Paul Mcgill MCGILL SPR/BRW Classical with Brazilian Rosewood and Spruce (used) Photos available 6750.00
Paul Reed Smith SE MIRA 2019 SE Mira Black (used) Photos available 625.00
Paul Reed Smith SE ZACH MEYERS 2012 SE Zach Meyers Blue (used) Photos available 675.00
Paul Reed Smith SE TORERO 2013 SE Torero (used) Photos available 800.00
Paul Reed Smith S2 VELA 2016 S2 Vela Walnut Finish (used) Photos available 1250.00 NEW
Perry, Daryl PERRY 8-STRING 2002 8-String Classical with Brazilian and Spruce (used) Photos available 6995.00
Rainsong CH-OM1000NSK Concert Hybrid Series 12-Fret OM with K&K (used) Photos available 1700.00
Recording King USED RP2 626C 12-Fret Parlor with Cutaway and K&K Pickup (used) Photos available 800.00
Reverend PA-1 Pete Anderson Signature Model (used) Photos available 1100.00
Roadie ROADIE 2 Used Roadie 2 Guitar Tuner (used) 65.00
Robert, Mikhail ROBERT SPR/EIR Classical with Rosewood and Spruce (used) Photos available 5800.00
Suhr CLASSIC T ANT Classic T Antique Two-tone Sunburst (used) Photos available 2400.00
T-rex MOLLER 2 T-rex Moller 2 Overdrive Withpower Supply (used) Photos available 120.00
Taylor USED 110CE 2015 Dreadnought Cutaway with ES-T Pickup (used) 625.00
Taylor USED 412CE 2007 Ovangkol/spr Gr. Concertcutaway W/case (used) 1375.00 NEW
Thomas Rein REIN CED-EIR Classical with Indian Rosewood and Cedar (used) Photos available 5800.00
Thomas Rein REIN CED-IRW 2008 Classical with Cedar Top and Indian Rosewood (used) Photos available 5800.00
TKL CLASS ATB Used 9100 Double-Arched Classical Case (used) 180.00
Traphagen USED P.E.S. DT 2008 Classical with Swiss Spruce/Cedar Double Top (used) Photos available 8000.00
Traphagen USED B.R.S. Classical with Brazilian Rosewood and E. Spruce (used) Photos available 9000.00
Vox AC10C1 MAROON AC10CL Limited Edition in Maroon Bronco Tolex (used) Photos available 500.00
Xcase XCASE MIXER Road Case for Mixing Board (used) Photos available 175.00
Xotic USED EPBOOSTER Xotic EP Booster (used) Photos available 90.00

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