Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
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Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars


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Martin, C.F. D-28 1940 "Blue Sky" D-28 Herringbone with Lifton Case (used) Photos available 90000.00
Martin, C.F. USED 12C630 000/OM Archtop Hardshell Case (used) Photos available 125.00
Santa Cruz H-13 REDWOOD 13-Fret Slothead with Mahogany and Redwood (used) Photos available 4250.00
National DUOLIAN 1931 Duolian 12-Fret Single Cone Reso-Phonic (used) Photos available 4200.00
Epiphone DEVON TREMOLO 1963 EA-35T Devon Tremolo with Original Cover (used) Photos available 675.00
Fender REVERB 1964 Fender Reverb Head - Brown with Wheat (used) 1650.00
Guild STARFIRE III 1967 Starfire Iii Cherry Withoriginal Case (used) Photos available 1995.00
Fender SUPER REVERB 1972 Super Reverb With Cover (used) 1275.00
Ramirez 1A FLAMENCO 1974 1A Flamenco with Spruce and Cypress (used) Photos available 3500.00
Ledford, W.ray W. RAY LEDFORD 1981 Classical with Rosewood and Cedar (used) Photos available 1200.00
Gibson JOHNNY SMITH 1983 Johnny Smith Master Model (used) Photos available 8250.00
Gibson LP CLASSIC GB 1991 Les Paul Classic with Gold Bullion Finish (used) Photos available 2895.00
Ramirez RAMIREZ 1A BRZ 1995 Concert Classical with Cedar and Brazilian (used) Photos available 8500.00
Rein, Thomas REIN I.R.S. 1998 Classical with Rosewood and Spruce (used) Photos available 3995.00
Gibson ES-5 BLONDE 1998 Reissue "Switchmaster" Hollowbody in Blonde (used) Photos available 6250.00
Fender AM DLX J-BASS 1999 American Deluxe Jazz Bass 3-tone Sunburst (used) Photos available 1300.00
Loprinzi TRAD-CEDAR 1999 Traditional Model with Rosewood and Cedar (used) Photos available 2500.00
Goodall, James USED KCJ 2000 Concert Jumbo with Cedar and Koa (used) Photos available 6200.00
Collings OM3E 2001 Custom Orchestra Model with Englemann Spruce (used) Photos available 4495.00
Perry, Daryl PERRY 8-STRING 2002 8-String Classical with Brazilian and Spruce (used) Photos available 6995.00
Taylor 455-L30 2004 30th Anniversary Limited Ed. Jumbo 12-String (used) Photos available 1300.00
Robin RAWHIDE 2007 Robin Rawhide Slabtop Supreme in Tobbacoburst (used) Photos available 1650.00
Collings USED CL DELUXE 2008 City Limits Deluxe with Amber SB (used) Photos available 4000.00
Goodall, James PARLOR MAHOG 2009 All Mahogany Parlor (used) Photos available 5800.00
Epiphone USED LP STD. 2010 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Cherry Sunburst W/gig Bag (used) Photos available 375.00
Stonebridge DS-32-SM 2010 Stonebridge Left-Handed Dreadnought (used) Photos available 1850.00
Collings SOCO DLX MAHOG 2011 Custom SoCo Deluxe with all Mahogany Body (used) Photos available 5795.00
Gibson CS LP SPECIAL 2014 Custom Shop Les Paul Special 1960 Reissue (used) Photos available 2900.00
Martin, C.F. GRJ12-16GTE 2014 Jumbo 12-String with D-TAR Pickup System (used) Photos available 1475.00
Taylor 456CE-SLTD 2014 Spring Limited GS 12-String Cutaway with ES-2 (used) Photos available 1850.00
New World USED P628C 2015 Short Scale Classical with Rosewood and Cedar (used) Photos available 1295.00
Martin, C.F. USED 00L-17 2016 00L-17 'Black Smoke' 14-Fret Grand Concert (used) Photos available 1300.00
Walker, Scott WALKER SPECIAL 2016 Scott Walker Special (used) Photos available 6500.00
Collings C10 MAHOGANY 2017 C10 with Mahogany and Baked Sitka Spruce (used) Photos available 4195.00
Martin, C.F. D-18 LH 2017 Left-handed D-18 with Original Case (used) Photos available 1995.00
Lowden, George 2017 O-22C 2017 O Model Jumbo Cutaway with Mahogany and Cedar (used) Photos available 4100.00
Anderson, Tom T-CLASSIC 2017 Tom Anderson T Classic in Olympic White (used) Photos available 2550.00
Cole Clark CC FL2EC-RDBL 2018 "Fat Lady" 2 Redwood & Australian Blackwood (used) Photos available 1795.00
Fender MUSTANG GT40 2018 Mustang Gt-40 Modeling Amp (used) Photos available 200.00
Gibson LP CLASSIC 2019 Les Paul Classic Honeyburst with Case (used) Photos available 1750.00
Godin USED AMBIANCE Acoustic/Electric Nylon w/Custom Fishman Pickup (used) Photos available 1300.00
Fender FLORAL TELE Blue Floral Telecaster Made in Japan (used) Photos available 1095.00
Aria AC50A c.1999 Requinto Cutaway w/Solid Spruce and Sapele (used) Photos available 895.00
Martinez MFG-CS C.2017 Flamenco with Baggs Anthem SL Pickup (used) Photos available 899.95
Fender USED CV T-CUST Classic Vibe '70s Telecaster Custom in Black (used) Photos available 420.00
Kohno, Masaru KOHNO 20 Classical with Brazilian and Spruce (used) Photos available 4500.00
Pardo, A. Raya PARDO SPRUCE Classical with European Spruce And Rosewood (used) Photos available 4500.00
Oldfield USED CLUB KING Club King 20 Watt Combo Amplifier (used) Photos available 1550.00
Martin, C.F. USED 12C535C Deluxe Archtop Hardshell Case for 000/OM Guitars (used) Photos available 225.00
Goodall, James 000 GEIB CASE Deluxe TKL Archtop Hardshell Case for 12-Fret 000 (used) Photos available 250.00
Zager ZAD-20 Dreadnought with Mahogany and Spruce (used) Photos available 650.00
Marshall DSL100H DSL Series 100 Watt 2-Channel Tube Head (used) Photos available 795.00
Boss USED FS-6 Dual Foot Switch (used) Photos available 45.00
1b4707-001-01 USED FM-52E Fm-52e With Gator Case (used) 0.00 NEW
Marshall MG412ACF MG Series 120-watt 4x12" Extension Cabinet (used) Photos available 200.00
Lowden, George 2010 O22 O Model with Mahogany and Cedar and K&K Pickup (used) Photos available 3150.00
Msg CASE COVER CL Padded Case Cover for Classical or OM Size Guitars (used) Photos available 75.00
Fender 1952 P-BASS Re-finished 1952 Precision Bass with '60s Case (used) Photos available 7500.00
Xcase XCASE MIXER Road Case for Mixing Board (used) Photos available 175.00
Fender STANDARD TELE Standard Telecaster in Butterscotch Blonde (used) Photos available 550.00
Ibanez USED TS-808 Tube Screamer TS808 Overdrive Pedal (used) Photos available 950.00

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