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Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars
Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars

Bass Amplifiers

Genzler: MG-800

(Item ID: MG-800    Serial#: 213600026)

Genzler Amplification MG-800 Magellan 800 Watt 2-Channel Bass Amplifier Head

From the Genzler website:

"Inspired by the courage and spirit of exploration, the MAGELLAN 800 represents the pinnacle in the next generation in lightweight, high-output, versatile, bass amplification. With our years of research, design and manufacturing expertise, we’ve developed this model utilizing stringent design parameters for form, function, fit and finish. The result is an 800 watt professional high-powered tour-class bass guitar amplifier weighing only 6.25 lbs!

This is exactly what players have come to expect from the Genzler design team - performance, versatility and reliability. From natural, pristine, transparent reproduction of the bass instrument to classic, vintage harmonic textures with “weighted feel to the notes”, the MG-800 provides the tonal pallet needed to cover all of the bassist’s amplifier requirements.

The expanded feature set and output power level make this amplifier an essential tool on the global stage, and with its universal power supply, the MAGELLAN™ 800 can be used with any voltage around the world without modification."

The Dual Channel Design Features:

• All solid state analog design with integrated soft clip circuitry.
• Clean Channel – Pristine and Articulate
• Drive Channel – Voiced for a More Driven Tonal Signature and Harmonic Texture
• Dual-Curve Variable Contour Circuitry with Shape control:
- Curve A (Blue) - a variable pre-shaped curve that boosts lows and highs while simultaneously cutting mids. This curve covers a wide range of sounds from flat to classic to modern depending on the position of the SHAPE control.
- Curve B (Amber)- a variable pre-shaped curve with attenuated high mids and highs, a low mid bump, and a slight roll-off of the lowest bass frequencies. This curve is intended to provide sounds in the range of vintage amps and vintage cabinets that do not have tweeters.
- Flat Position - Full Bypass
• Active 3 Band EQ w/Parametric Mid Control
• Signal Mute Switch
• Input Pad Switch – attenuation of -8.5dB
• Thermal Sensing Variable Speed Fan Cooling
• All Brushed, Aircraft Grade Aluminum Chassis with Extruded Aluminum Front Panel


• Output: 400W/8 Ohms, 800W/4 Ohms and 800W/2.67 Ohms
• 2.67 Ohms Min. Total Load
• Dimensions: 11.25”W X 10.5”D X 3”H
• Weight: 6.25 Lbs. .

Our Price: $939.99

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