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Tube Amplifiers

Fender: 2264100000

(Item ID: 2264100000    Serial#: M1711809)

Fender 2264100000 30 Watt Tube Combo Amplifier with 1x12 Celestion and Looper (# M1711809)

From the Fender website:

"If you've fallen in love with the Fender Bassbreaker 15 amplifier like many other guitarists out there but wanted even more control over your clean and distorted tones, the Bassbreaker 30R might just be the next great addition to your rig.

The Bassbreaker 15 grew in popularity in the Bassbreaker Series because it boasted excellent tone, flexibility, great EQ and three different gain stages. After taking feedback from users into consideration, however, the Bassbreaker 30R ups the ante with channel-switching capabilities that allow you to even further dial in the sounds you're seeking.

"We listened to players, and they were saying, 'I love the 15, but I wish it had channel-switching capabilities, and was loud enough to really play with a band,'" said Fender Director of Product Development of Amplifiers Rick Heins. "We took all the best attributes of the 15, accentuated them, and made it 30 watts and channel-switchable."

The Bassbreaker 30R is an all-tube amp, with four EL84 tubes that pack both unmistakable clarity and definition at the top end and warm midranges when you crank them.

Having two separate channels with their own tone controls and included two-button footswitch makes the amp extremely vadaptable for players of all styles — especially in live situations, while the built-in effects loop offers even more space to personally tailor your tone.

"The nice thing on the secondary channel, it's got a footswitch that actually gives you more gain, so you can use it for clean, rhythm and lead sounds," noted Heins. "The secondary button on the footswitch is where you can actually use it as a lead boost, or if you're playing higher-gain stuff, you'll get all that extra kick from the extra gain stage."

The Bassbreaker 30R isn't just for live settings, though. With an XLR direct out with speaker emulation and ground lift, you can record directly to your recording station at home, get tones and not have to worry about waking your neighbors or family. “The master volume sounds great on it, so it can be for someone who is playing in a band or just playing in their home,” said Heins."

Features and Specs:

• 30-watt tube combo amplifier
• Single 12” 8-ohm Celestion V-Type speaker
• Two separate channels based on the Bassbreaker 15 and 18/30
• Four EL84 power tubes
• Three 12AX7 preamp tubes
• Cabinet - 7-9 Ply 18mm Meranti Plywood
• Amplifier Covering - Black Nubtex
• Grille Cloth - Salt and Pepper
• Handle - Black Leather Handle .

This amplifier includes 2-button footswitch (for channel switching and gain boost on Channel 2) and cover.

Our Price: $1099.99

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