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Oldfield Amps USED CLUB KING

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2012 Club King 20 Watt Combo with Brown Ostrich Covering

General Description

From the Oldfield website:

"The Club King gives the player everything from sweet cleans to buttery overdrive with some edgy blues tones in between. The amp is footswitchable from clean to overdrive and includes lush reverb and tremolo. The overdrive channel can be tailored to fit the player with controls for overdrive trim, overdrive gain and overall overdrive level. The tone of the Club king is complex, dynamic, and immediately responsive to the player."

As implied by the description above, this Oldfield Club King 20 is an amp built for versatility, and it most certainly delivers. According to the builder, Paul Gussler, there is a bit of a Dumble inspiration at the heart of this amp; yet, regardless of such an elusive, mythical tone quest, this amp has a very pleasing response, both clean and overdriven. When compared to modern clean tone 6V6 offerings from some un-named major manufacturers, this amp generates a tone that at once is more saturated and substantial while retaining clarity. Meanwhile the overdrive capabilities are certainly enough for any range of blues, but also would satisfy the needs of many folks looking for some healthy rock overdrive.

For anyone curious enough to look under the hood, one finds a clean and elegant point-to-point wiring that in and of itself conveys that this amp was built with care and pride. Furthermore, the high degree of versatility points to a builder who understands the varied needs of many serious players and discerning guitar enthusiasts. For example: 2 channels, pentode/triode power modes, selectable external speaker impedance, solid state and tube rectifier modes to allow for more sag/overdrive tuning, mid boost and bright switch. Not to mention, there is a super-solid footswitch to make driving this bad boy all the more easy! Of course, we would never make the claim that one amp can do it all, but this amp definitely allows the player to do a lot!

Cosmetic Description

This custom Club King sports some very sexy aesthetic appointments; faux ostrich covering, a cane grille, and a rich mahogany upper facing. Evidently this amp was not actively gigged, and has thus been mostly used at home. That said, we do note a couple minor scuffs in the faux Ostrich tolex, but no serious gouges or tears. EXCELLENT+ CONDITION


2-Channel 1x12 Combo
Celestion G12-65 Speaker
20 watts
2 6V6 power tubes
12AX7 preamp tubes
12AX7 phase inverter (long tailed pair)
Fixed bias
Switchable rectifier: solid state/5AR4 tube
Pentode/triode switch
Switchable 4, 8, 16 ohm speaker out
Line out
Hi/Lo inputs
Bright switch
Mid boost switch
Reverb and tremolo
Footswitch: OD channel, mid boost, reverb, and tremolo
Custom padded cover included (used)

Our Price: $1550.00

Sorry, this item is not currently in stock

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