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Maple Street Guitars - Acoustic, Classical & Electric Guitars

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(Item ID: DEVON TREMOLO    Serial#: 835431)

Epiphone DEVON TREMOLO 1963 Epiphone EA-35T Devon Tremolo

General Description:

This amp hails from a time when Gibson and Epiphone products were made side-by-side to produce models that were so similar that Gibson could essentially double their presence in any given market by having separate Epiphone and Gibson dealerships. Thus, as the Texan equates to a J-45, and the Casino equates to a ES-330, here we have the EA-35T Devon Tremolo that is essentially a GA-8T Discover Tremolo by a different name. For those unfamiliar, the Gibson-made amps of the late ‘50s and early ‘60s were very well made and definitely have a unique tone relative to their competitors at the time, particularly with respect to their beautiful tremolo and their ability to break up.

Pushing 10 watts, this EA-35T is definitely capable of moving some air, but it is particularly well-suited for home use, small venues, or recording, especially if one is seeking solid clean tone with a slightly brighter edge at a low volume. Otherwise, this amp will begin to break up around 11:30 – 12 on the dial, even with a single coil guitar—humbuckers or P-90s (and other overwound single-coil pickups) will push it even more aggressively. Even so, this amp remains tolerable when driven to the limit, such that one can really enjoy a naturally saturated gain without necessarily waking the dead (obviously the opinions of loved ones or neighbors will vary on this point!). Subsequently, this amp is a fantastically versatile and distinctive option at a very reasonable price for those shopping low wattage amps!

Cosmetic Condition:

This amp is extremely clean for its age, to the point that it is hard to imagine finding another in better condition! The 6-knob control panel retains all of its original paint and lettering and is nearly free of any corrosion, though we do note some trace points of corrosion along the edges where the panel meets cabinet as well as one scuff to the right of the “E” in the center. We also note some oxidation on the handle mounts, which is quite normal. Otherwise, the cabinet covering is free of any tears or major scuffs. Both the grill cover and the logo plate are in immaculate condition. Even the original vinyl dust cover is in tip-top shape—what more could you want! Please note that the original 12” speaker has been replaced at some point with a Mojo Tone MP12R. The original tremolo footswitch is included, but it has been oddly (and somewhat crudely) modified to be a momentary switch. For this reason, the amp is also includes a more recent Fender style flying saucer single button footswitch for the tremolo. Though still functional, the leads on the original footswitch would need to be replaced as they were trimmed. EXCELLENT + to NEAR MINT CONDITION

Features and Specifications:

• 10 watts
• Non-original Mojo Tone MP12R 12" speaker
• 2 X 6EU7 preamp tubes
• 2 X 6BQ5 power amp tube
• 6CA4 rectifier
• Single channel
• 2 inputs
• Rotary On/off switch
• Volume & tone controls
• Built-in tremolo with depth & frequency controls
• Footswitch jack for tremolo
• Extention speaker & monitor jacks
• 1 amp fuse
• Lock-joint case
• Top-mounted carrying handle
• Top-mounted control panel
• Gray vinyl covering
• Tan grille cloth
• Original cover included (used)

Our Price: $675.00

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